Fashion and Technology​​

Cap7even is revolutionizing the fashion industry by integrating cutting-edge technologies.


​Connect to the future with NFC technology!


NFC-Enabled Clothing

Each piece of clothing and accessory from Cap7even is equipped with NFC chips, allowing digital interaction. By scanning these chips, users can access exclusive information and verify product authenticity.


​Come and take your NFT and your Wearables!


Explore, collect, wear our NFT and Wearables, your future style!

Invites users to discover and appropriate NFT non -fungible tokens as well as wearable portable connected objects. It highlights the artistic and functional aspect of these technologies. 


NFTs and Authentication

All Cap7even products are registered on the blockchain as NFTs. This system ensures that each item is authentic and unique, a major innovation in combating counterfeiting in the fashion industry.

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